What is your actor name?

Theo Bray

Your location?

Ft Worth, TX

How did you get interested in acting?

My journey in acting started when I was in high school as the school's attempt to reach a troubled youth.

Related to that, how did you get into making Christian movies?

I got into Christian film making because I grew tired of complaining about a lack of clean and family friendly content and decided to do something about it. I have not done very many Faith Based films outside of working with Lumindeo in The Network and Wyatt's Fort Season 3.

Advice you would give to someone trying to get into Christian film making?

Be Vast. Be a person with values. Have a great attitude. Be willing to stretch yourself with roles that challenge you. Be willing to train.

That is some good advice. I believe there is a webseries you are currently working on, is that correct?

Yes, my webseries Kaylah is being released Mid September. It's a romantic comedy about a Mama's Boy preparing for marriage who can't shake his mother's grasp.