Parent trap was a movie released in 1961 about two pre-teen sisters who meet each other for the first time at a summer camp, after their parents have divorced and moved to opposite ends of the Atlantic. The girls engineer a swap campaign so each can spend time with the parent they missed. Could their efforts bring the parents back together?

Family Films Productions have decided to make a documentary on the legacy of the film.

The film features Hayley Mills. Also included in the cast are Susan Henning, Joanne Barnes, and Tommy Sands from the 1961 Parent Trap film, Tom Skerritt, Carrie Heim, Stu Krieger (writer), Ron Maxwell (director) from Parent Trap II and script writer Deborah Amelon from Parent Trap III. Teresa Anderson (Mother to Bridget Anderson, Parent Trap II) will also share some special moments of her daughter Bridget and her time on the set with Carrie Heim. Patrica Richardson and Chris Gartin are also going to appear.

In the past few months they have been able to complete on- camera interviews with Joanne Barnes, Tom Skerritt, and Carrie Heim.

Their funding page can be found here:

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