VeggieTales is a Christian kids animated film brand. They have so much stuff that they need to be placed in a separate category. I mean who doesn't know about VeggieTales?

VeggieTales founders Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki released their first video in 1993. The idea was to produce kids animated videos teaching values based on the Bible. The dream was to create a Christian Disney alternative. While the dream never reached its fullest, the process toward the dream produced 45 films seen by millions of kids around the world, teaching them values they might never get from all the other shows on television.

Besides movies, there are puzzles, games, music CDs, and a bunch of other products that have been produced throughout the years, based on the films.

VeggieTales is no longer controlled by its founder. The ownership of the company has changed hands throughout the years, and is now owned by DreamWorks since 2012.

This page includes film trailers of VeggieTales movies, behind the scenes clips, silly songs.