Here's the 3 Day Test:

1. Close the windows.

2. Drop the blinds.

3. Draw the curtains.

4. Shut the doors.

5. Lock it up.

6. Nobody in.

7. Nobody out.

8. Three full days.

9. Collect the cell phones.

10. Shut down the computers.

11. Disconnect the internet.

12. Turn off the gas.

13. Turn off the water.

14. Collect the food.

15. Pick a room.

16. Set up camp.

17. Kill the power.

18. Meet your family.

This is a true comedy film.

The movie is about a guy who has a bad day, and comes home to a dysfunctional family. His brother gives him a video course called "The 3 Day Test", to help him fix his family and life.

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