Year of Release: 2013

Genre: Adventure/Comedy

Editing: Good

Acting: Some shots could be improved, but OK overall.

About: The movie begins with Alex Kendrick (producer of Courageous) visiting an orphanage and telling kids a story about a magical medallion.The medallion gives magical powers to the owner. 200 years ago, it was owned by a good king. But at some point it lost its power, and the tribe of the king was ravaged by enemies. The king is killed. But before he is captured, he manages to hide the medallion. The people of the tribe spend decade after decade looking for the medallion, with no luck.

An American archeologist, Michael Stone, is also looking for the medallion. His life's dream was to find the holder for the magical diamond passed on to him by his wife, as she was dying. Michael is forced to give up his search because he is shut down by a group of thugs, also hunting for the diamond. But luck turns its favor onto his young son, Billy. In a dire situation, Billy unconsciously uses the power of the diamond, and goes back in time by 200 years. The adventure begins as the medallion is coveted by another person in the past.

The movie is shot in scenic Thailand, so raises the standard of the movie that much more. A good attempt at a Christian adventure movie. Those are hard to do on an independent budget, so definitely a plus.

Enjoyed watching this movie, and recommend it.

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