I've heard very positive reviews prior to watching this movie. And when I did get to watch it, I wasn't disappointed. This has probably been one of the best movies I ever watched.

First of all, the technical aspects of the film, are very good. Theaters wouldn't show your movies unless they are made well. And this movie earned its right into the theaters.

Acting was well done. Editing was well done. The plot was interesting, even had some action in it.

Emotionally, very touching.

It's not one of those movies, you just watch and forget about. It's one of those movies meant to start a movement. It's not a movie that just speaks to the human lowest common denominator. It doesn't exploit our human weaknesses, like most movies today. It's a movie you could actually learn something from, that would actually urge you to move up in your personal development.

The film is about four fathers who agree to keep each other accountable to be the best leaders to their families they can be. But as the pastor warned them, it would not be easy to stay true to the commitment.

The four men work in the same police department, as officers in the field. This provides room for some police action in the movie.

Besides action, the movie has plenty of funny moments, to relieve tension. I especially liked the mexican guy. I didn't get what he was saying in the police car. Until one of my friends translated. Apparently, he was talking about food. But the aspiring criminal next to him, had the nightmare of a lifetime.

I'm not going to tell you the whole plot, of course. It wouldn't be interesting to watch then.

Have you seen this movie? Leave your impressions in the comments below.

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