Film Production

Articles about the film production process, techniques, and film business.

The role of a producer in film

Producer is the main guy in film production. This is the person who decides to make a movie and calls everybody on board to make it happen.

How to plan a movie shoot

Checklist to go by to prepare for an independent movie shoot.

What kind of mic should you use to record sounds in a film?

You need a shotgun mic. And here's more on that.

How to do casting of actors

Some advice I got on how to go about casting actors, when looking to fill roles for an independent film.

Tools needed for film production

Basic gear and software needed to start making movies.

7 Steps to film directing process

Here are 7 steps to producing and directing a movie. It all begins with a story and ends with special effect.

What is a "hot set" in film production

What is called a "hot set" during film production?

Role of assistant directors in film production

Making a movie is a huge task. Roles of assistant directors are crucial in breaking up that task into manageable pieces for the main director.

Film Production Process

This article will outline the process of film production, through phases of pre-production, production, post-production, distribution, and exhibition.

Lenses used in film

In a series on basic cinematography, here are the different lense sizes used in film, and which lense size works for what situations.

Location Manager's role in film production

Location manager is responsible for finding the locations that will be used to make a movie.

The rise and fall of the studio system

The film industry had it's golden days, and they are long gone. So what factors allowed the golden age to come, and what factors destroyed them.

Catering and craft services in film production

A description of the role of caterers and craft services in film production.

Screenwrting tips

Some tips about writing scripts for a movie.

9 Tips on how to survive in the film business

Some tips on how to survive in the film business.

What is the Kuleshov Effect

Kuleshov was a Russian film maker, who did some experiments with new film techniques.

5 Tips on directing a movie

Here are some tips on directing a movie.

Camera Shot Angles

In a series on basic cinematography, here are some ways to aim the camera to create one mood or another for the shot.