Year of Release: 2008

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Editing: Good

Acting: Good

About: Henry Poole is told by a doctor he has only a couple of weeks to live. He decides to go back to the street he grew up on, and spend the rest of his days in solitude. The first person to notice something bothers him is the realtor selling him a house, when Henry insists to pay the first offered price of $325,000 for the house, because he won't remain there for long.

His plans to spend the rest of his days left alone don't materialize, however, thanks to funny and weird neighbors, who just would not let him deal with his problems alone. That, and a miraculous spot on the wall of his house, which his neighbors claim to be the face of Jesus.

Henry's peaceful depression is first ruined by his Hispanic neighbor Esperanza, who first notices the miraculous spot, keeps walking into his house without invitation, and even inviting the whole church to his backyard. Henry is puzzled by a store cashier who cares too much about how much alcohol he buys, and buds in to talk about his personal problems. 

The neighbors and the spot change his life and his faith.

Overall, light and enjoyable comedy movie.

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