Get the word out to as many people as possible that you are looking for actors for a new film. You can find them at film schools, churches, websites for actors, posting ads on Craigslist.

Ask actors to send you their headshot and resume, maybe social networking profile urls too.

Invite actors who you think might fit the roles you need filled, to come for a casting call. If actors are far away, you can perform casting calls over Skype. Or maybe even if they're close by. People feel more comfortable in their usual surroundings, and when they're not nervous, they show their best.

Try to make them comfortable at the beginning of the audition, and don't ask them to do something they won't be comfortable with, throughout the audition.

Have them read their lines.

If you imagine performance of those lines differently, try to convey to them how you want them read, and allow them to give it a try.

When you've heard everything you needed to hear, thank them for their time, and leave them with a positive note, no matter how you think they did.

On a small budget film, you probably won't be able to pay actors. So give them some other incentive to donate their time. Get them excited about the project, so they would want to be a part of it. A lot of actors wouldn't mind working for free, for experience, or just because acting is something they love doing.

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