The 1st Assistant Director is directly responsible to the main director. Under his supervision are the 2nd Assistant Director, the Production Designer, Director of Photography, Sound Designer, Film Editor, and Music Director. He is the guy who pushes everybody to move on with the production.

1st Assistant Director works with the 2nd Assistant Director in determining the location of the shoot and the call time.

2nd Assistant Director is responsible for sending a call sheet to everyone involved every evening. This call sheet shows the time the shooting starts, and the time people should show up if they want breakfast. It shows the location of the shoot, the expected weather conditions. It displays which crew members need to come on a particular day, what props are needed, and what scenes will be shot.

2nd 2nd Assistant Director is in charge of all the actors. He gets all the actors together and tells them when to come. When they come, he directs who should go to make up room, who should review their lines, and at what point everyone will be needed.

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