Sarah Collins is considering to do an abortion when she finds out she is pregnant. But before she makes the final decision, she meets a lady who gives her a card, and tells her she will receive 3 visions from the Lord. Sarah does receive the visions, and they cause her to rethink her decision.

Sarah's choice was named one of the best Christian films of the year, by pro-life groups, as well as others.

== Cast ==
* [[Rebecca St. James]] as Sarah Collins
* [[Logan White]] as Megan
* [[Dick Van Patten]] as Pastor Smith
* [[Brad Stine]] as Clay
* [[Staci Keanan]] as Denise
* [[Robert Miano]] as Henry
* [[Charlene Tilton]] as Michelle Biden
* Ethan Cooper Roy as Jack
* Julian Bailey as Matt Evans
* Sidney Mason Gunn as Jill
* Sean McGowan as Chad
* Matthew Bacis as Michael
* Linda Bisesti as Agnes Collins
* Marc Davies as Bob
* Judy Lewis as Older Sarah
* Carey Scott as Justin
* Sean Sedgwick as Thad
* Libby Smallbone as Daisy
* Yvette Tucker as Jennifer

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