Sarah Cain is a journalist who has a hard time keeping coming up with interesting content for her newspaper column. Her source of content problems go away, when she ends up in an Amish community, and begins writing about their lives. The movie is essentially a glimpse into the Amish lifestyle.

Sarah Cain ends up in the Amish community after her sister dies. She was very close with her sister in her childhood. But their ways parted when they grew up. Her sister left to live with the Amish, while Sarah remained in the city.

Her sister's dying wish was that Sarah would take care of her children. So Sarah takes the children into the city.

That's when the process of Amish kids trying to adjust to the American lifestyle begins. All of a sudden, they are immersed into a society which runs on everything they stand against.

Overall, it's a good movie for those who want to get acquainted with the Amish lifestyle.

From a technical standpoint, the movie is very well done. You wouldn't have to suffer through bad editing or acting.

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