If people don't get hooked on to your story within the first two minutes, it doesn't matter how good your movie is, people will quit watching it.

Write down ideas for stories wherever you are, before you forget them, they are the most crucial part of a film.

Begin a script with an opening scene: location, time of day, and action.

When writing a script, use language people use in everyday conversations, which is not necessarily grammatically correct.

When developing dialogues for characters, don't let every character sound like you. They could have different opinions from you too.

If you're selling your scripts, use the standard script format, no creatives here.

You will need a basic script with dialogue for actors, and a director's script with all the actions and descriptions added in.

Make a list of locations, materials, objects you have access to, or that a friend would let you borrow with no problem. It's smart to write a movie based on the things you have access to.

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