A movie about four college friends after they got their degrees and enter life.

Two of them land successful jobs, one of them is able to pursue her dream of travelling to a third-world country and getting involved in a mission. And the fourth guy is stuck working at his dad's food joint. His dreams of continuing on with a master's degree are shut dead.

But in a few months, the lives of the successful friends are radically altered by circumstances. Their previous successes are shattered.

This is a low-budget independent film designed only for Christian audiences. But it has a powerful teaching message. When we are on a wave of success we feel like this is our time. When we face difficulties and set backs, we feel this is not our time. But the truth of the matter is, it is God's time. Through set backs, He is teaching us something. When we are too overwhelmed by our successes, God humbles us, to show that this is His time.

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