Screenwriting - Adobe Story is free software that let's you write storyboards without worrying about formatting.

Editing - Adobe Premier is an industry standard

Storyboarding - lots of cheap software to help so you don't have to draw out sketches by hand.

Music - any music composition software that will let you write music score and edit narratives and sound effects.


Camera - DSLRs are a good way to start on a budget.

Mics - get a short shotgun with wind protection. Mic holder stick would be good to have too.

Shoulder grip - so you could place a camera on your shoulder and not have it be jittery.

Camera slider and rails - so you could slide through a shot with a camera smoothly.

Camera tripod.

Greenscreen - so you could create locations you don't have access to for real.

Lights - one hard light, one diffussion light to soften the hard light, and a background light behind an actor.

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