The film takes place in a little town of Raymond, California. The town is in a desperate financial situation, and people feel hopeless inside.

Often times, when times are hard, people turn to God for help. But not in this town.

The church is in a sorry state; only a few people are attending, and the building is on a foreclosure. The pastor of the church lost all hope. His own family tragedy took a toll on his spirit, and he is just in no shape to save the dying church. The church's only musician is offered a record deal from an LA label, on the condition that he would have to start singing songs that are "a little different", or "more successful commercially".

A new candidate for the town mayor is proposing a plan that should save the town, provide financial stability, and make people happy again. The plan is to take down the church and build a casino in its place, which would provide jobs for people and revive the town.

This town is visited by a stranger who introduces himself as "the lamb" to the pastor. He stops by the town in the hopes of finding an honest man's job to sustain himself. Although greeted in a very unfriendly manner, he shakes the town, and causes people to begin living their lives with a what-would-Jesus-do attitude.

Things begin to change...

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