A page dedicated to Christian movies in the drama genre, which happens to be the genre most Christian movies today are made in. Definition of drama movies, at least as far as this page goes, is a movie that tells a serious story, that could happen in a real life.

Sarah's Choice Trailer and Summary

Sarah's choice is a film dealing with the issues of abortion and its consequences.

Flywheel Movie Trailer and Summary

Flywheel is a movie about practicing Christian ethics in business.

Courageous Movie Trailer and Review

Couragous is a great movie from the creators of Facing the Giants and Fireproof. As soon as I got a chance, I watched, and here's my review.

The Ultimate Gift - Movie Trailer and Summary

A family-friendly film packed with lessons about wealth and business.

Saving Sarah Cain Movie Trailer and Review

Saving Sarah Cain is a movie about the intersection of the Amish community with the outside world

The Letter Writer: Trailer

Instead of spreading negativity, spread encouragement, one letter at a time.

Unconditional Trailer: DVD Available Now

A film about a woman who loses all hope in life when her husband is killed. Her life turns into a pursuit for revenge.

This is our Time - Official Trailer and Review

This is our time is a movie about God's control of our lives, through successes and set backs.

Home Run: Official Movie Trailer

A baseball movie that tackles the issues of addictions and pain that leads to people to them.

Journey to Jamaa Trailer

A movie created to open people's live to the needs of Africa, and stir them to action.

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Movie

An old-fashioned Thanksgiving explores the theme of the value of money vs. family.

Christmas Miracle - Trailer

A film about a family that loses their father in the war, and how they are adjusting to that emotionally and financially.

HARDFLIP Movie Official Trailer HD

A skateboarding movie, along with a story of a man who left his sweetheart with a child, for a pursuit of a successful career.

What Would Jesus Do Film Trailer and Summary

After watching the WWJD film, I decided to write a little summary on it. The film was created by Nesser Entert