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The Vicar of Bray

1937 Classic story about a kind vicar who just did a good job of been a good minister to the people of his town, and who is able to adjust to the ever changing political winds of his times to stay in office.

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Home Run

This is our Time

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The Lost Medallion: The Adventures

Journey to Jamaa

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving


A Question of Faith - at a theatre near you

A Question of Faith has just run at many theatres across the US. Overall impressions after watching it: great story and well done. But be prepared to cry, as you follow the tragedies of three families, and how God uses these tragedies to grow each family in faith. Besides been a church movie (you literally get a taste of some black gospel praise), it also touches on some important social issues, like texting and driving, organ donors, and racial reconcilliation.


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